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Men’s Hair Transplant Clinic in Bristol

Get your confidence back and feel great about the way you look with HQ hair transplants for men. At Head Quarters Hair Transplants we use cutting edge technology and the very finest practitioners to help men in Bristol turn back the clock with a variety of hair transplant procedures.

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Leading Hair Loss Treatments in the UK

Boost your self-esteem

Love the man looking back at you in the mirror.

Proven Results

From all our surgeons who have helped individuals with hair loss problems for many years.

Peace of mind that you are in expert hands

All our hair transplant practitioners covering Bristol are leaders in their field and bring with them a wealth of experience.

Frank and honest advice

Our complimentary consultation will identify regrowth strategies which are best suited to your condition. We will only recommend you for surgery if optimum results are possible.

Getting started

The HQ Hair Transplant process is tailored to fit around your lifestyle to get your hair growth goals on track as painlessly as possible.

Free First Consultation

Men in Bristol aged 21 years or older who are interested in a hair transplant are eligible for a courtesy, no-obligation consultation, during which our specialists will inspect your scalp and find out your requirements. We’ll provide you with a bespoke and honest evaluation of your options and whether our services are suited to your needs. If we aren’t fully confident that a hair transplant can provide the results you want we will be frank and upfront with you.


If we are happy that we can deliver on your expectations and you wish to go ahead, our experts in Bristol will carry out your procedure over the course of one or two days, and generally, patients won’t need more than a few days off from work. From end to end we make sure our hair loss treatment causes as little disruption possible to your life to get to your usual routine as quickly as possible.


Although everybody’s hair grows differently, you’ll be provided with realistic timeframes within which you can expect results.


We offer regular check-ups as standard for all our patients to ensure your hair regrowth journey goes as smoothly as possible. Your wellbeing is of paramount importance to HQ Hair Transplants, and we take every step necessary to ensure you have a first-class experience.

Hair loss treatments available in Bristol


Follicular Unit Extraction is a treatment which redistributes hair follicles from one section of your scalp to another using a special electronic punching device. The punch is designed to extract the entire follicular unit so that it can be safely removed in perfect shape, and then be planted into the balding region.


Follicular Unit Transplant involves removing a fine strip of hair-bearing membrane from the rear of the scalp. Once transplanted, a trichophytic stitch is used to close the donor wound to keep scarring to a minimum.


Scalp micropigmentation is an effective, non-surgical treatment for all stages of male hair loss. Small needles are used to inject pigments into problematic areas to provide a natural, ‘hair stubble’ look.

Frequently asked questions about hair transplants in Bristol

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