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29th April 2019

An Interview with Xavier Rush

An Interview with Xavier Rush

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About HQ Hair Transplants

Head Quarters Hair Transplant Clinic is a purpose-built hair transplant clinic. HQ clinic aims to always offer what they see as the gold standard of hair transplants. We are based on Charles Street in the middle of Cardiff city’s centre. We are a startup business with an opening date of August 2019. However, even though we are a startup company our Head Surgeon is in a class of his own, with over 20 years of first-hand experience he has well and truly perfected his craft. As a company HQ feels very lucky to have acquired his services.

The clinic is in the final stages of construction and is designed perfectly to offer clients total privacy and comfort while they are visiting for complimentary consultations and for Hair Transplant surgery.

What makes you stand out against competitors?

One of the major drawbacks for individuals that look to have a hair transplant is the cost. That’s one of the reasons why we opened up in Cardiff as it’s a very accessible city, easy to reach from Birmingham, Bristol, London, and obviously Wales, and the cost for world-class premises is only a fraction of what you would pay in these other cities, this allows HQ to be competitively priced. We also have finance options available, where patients can pay off their surgery within 1-5-year periods. This will make having a hair transplant by a world-class surgeon, not just something for the rich and famous but something that’s available for the vast majority of men going through the unpleasant act of going bald.

The other two drawbacks recorded in our market research were location and aftercare. Currently, men looking to have a hair transplant will often go to a very expensive London clinic or will look to find cheaper options overseas. In both cases, they will not know and not even have met their surgeon. Results vary greatly and we have already had enquiries from patients not happy with their previous results from other clinics, hair looking less dense than desired or too pluggy. We can do corrective procedures to help these individuals.

We are implementing the platinum standard of aftercare to ensure all men feel that they have enough support and care following their surgery.

HQ has already had a large volume of enquiries and bookings for consultations prior to opening. To have such exceptional surgeons joining us from Harley Street, means that Xavier Rush has brought the highest standards in Hair Transplant clinic’s to Cardiff and HQ’s core aim is to restore men’s confidence.

About Xavier Rush

The reason why Xavier has decided to set up a Hair Transplant clinic is that he had a hair transplant and was so pleased with the ‘transformative experience’ of this surgery not just with how he looked, but how he felt. He knew the difference this could make to lots of men as an ex-professional sportsman who played at the highest level for over 16 years from New Zealand All Blacks to Captaining Cardiff Blues.

After having his surgery Xavier was inundated with requests for recommendations of where to go to get the best Hair Transplant. He then knew that this was the next business he would plan to create.

Charity involvement

HQ Hair Transplants charity partner is a male mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) HQ wants to support men and encourage them to talk about their mental health and help prevent the growing epidemic in Wales and across the UK of male suicide.

We want to raise awareness of the support that’s available and help to take away the stigma surrounding male mental health concerns.

Male Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45 in Wales and in the UK, which is why HQ Hair Transplants are working hard to support this charity and raise awareness for the work they do.

If you would like to make an enquiry or request a personal invite to the launch contact us below:

0800 193 3888


Venue accreditation: Tredilion Park, Monmouthshire Photography: Alex Lloyd Jenkins

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