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The Truth Behind Female Hair Loss - HQ Hair Transplants
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5th September 2020

The Truth Behind Female Hair Loss

Hair is such an integral piece of our identity. We can dress it up or down to reflect our personality, attract attention or tell a story about our ethnicity and culture. Female hair transplants have been a bit of a taboo – we are looking to address that.

With our hair being a huge part of who we feel we are. Being unhappy with it can also shape our thoughts and feelings about ourselves in a negative way. Sometimes, it progresses into more than just a bad hair day.

Celebrity hair guru Eva Proudman is Vice Chancellor of The Institute of Trichologists, and has had over 18 years experience in helping women with the hair loss problems that they face. She is very sought after to diagnose the causes of hair fall, breakage, thinning, diseases of the scalp and offers both industry professional and consumers specialist advice on the most appropriate solutions.

Our very own, highly experienced surgeon at HeadQuarters, Dr. Ted Miln, talks to Eva this Monday, on IGTV at 5 pm about female hair loss, shedding hair, thinning hair, damage to the scalp and ways that it can be managed to help give you the hair that you want to feel more ‘you’. We will discuss the very latest treatments available, diagnostic tools and the latest clinical information to give you the tools to fight your hair loss battle.

If you can’t make it, you won’t miss out – we will have the full version on our YouTube channel.

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What hair problem do you have?

With hair loss, it’s important to distinguish which problem you have. If your problem is numbers, the only way to increase density is to physically put more hairs in your head. If you have a calibre problem, often the treatment best is to give medication.

What’s the process of treatment with HQ?

Headquarters hair transplants has become a byword for impressive results and impeccable service in the hair transplant industry. Our expertly curated surgical process helps manage expectations and supports you throughout your hair regrowth journey.

Why does our FUE punch work so well?

The extraction punch is very important to the success of the har transplant procedure; the smaller the holes made, the better the healing and the more hair grafts we can punch in.  With our extraction punch, we can go deeper without damaging the follicles, which is essential for regrowth.

Are you ready to start your hair growth journey?

Are you ready to learn about how we can restore your confidence with a natural head of healthy hair? Take two seconds to fill in our form. Nell our clinic manager will be in touch, to answer any questions you might have and to book you in for a free consultation.

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