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3rd September 2020

Will I need an FUE or FUT hair transplant?

One of the most common questions that people face when choosing to consider a hair transplant, is what type of procedure to go for. The main types of procedure are the strip (FUT) and Follicular Unit Excision (FUE).

What do these procedures actually mean, and what happens in them? 

FUE is a procedure where hair grafts are taken individually from the donor area, where hair is resistant to balding, to the areas that need it. At HeadQuarters, we have state of the art, world class equipment to perform this procedure, after a lot of research into the best equipment to use. 

FUT is an alternative treatment, whereby a strip of hair-bearing tissue is harvested from  the donor area. After the process, it allows hair to grow through the scar making it minimally detectable.

You may wonder which type of procedure is better for you, and there are a few factors that influence either procedure.  With an FUE procedure, you usually have to shave the back and sides of your head. This may be preferable to you if you have a shorter hairstyle already, or may not mind having a shorter hair style while your new hair is growing. 

Strip/FUT may be more suitable for patients with a longer hairstyle, and who want to keep a longer hairstyle (above a number 2 haircut) and have the ability to hide a scar. It can be suited to patients who don’t want to shave their hair. This can be men or women who wish to hide that they have had a procedure more easily, without much change to their appearance. In some instances, strip/FUT might yield higher graft numbers depending certain and hair and scalp characteristics.

Both are at the cutting edge of modern technology procedures and yield incredible, life changing results. 

At HeadQuarters, we understand how momentous a decision having a hair transplant can be. We offer a free consultation, to enable you to discuss which treatment may suit you better. To take advantage of our expertise and book a free video consultation, or in person consultation, please click here. 

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