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17th January 2023

Why is winter a good time for hair transplant surgery?

We all get thoughtful around the New Year; we think about our health, our confidence, what we can do better in the year that stretches ahead of us. If your hair has been getting you down, our hair transplant clinic in Cardiff can do something about it.

We often hear patients tell us that before their hair transplant, their confidence was at an all time low and they feel like different people afterwards. If you feel like a great hairline and dense head of hair is for you, then we need to talk!

Winter is a great time to have hair transplant surgery. We hide away a little more due to typically inclement weather, there is no sunshine to stay out of post surgery and no swimming pools to avoid! A huge plus is that warm hats and beanies are a lot more socially acceptable in winter – meaning you can hide away the shedding phase if you feel uncomfortable with it.

If you’d like to see how we can help you, book a free video consultation HERE.

Latest News

HeadQuarters Sponsors British Army Enduro Sports

HQ Sponsors British Army Enduro Sports

HQ are delighted to sponsor WO2 Dean Hughes, of the British Army Enduro Motorsports Team. 

Hair Transplant Before & After

How We Design Your Hairline

The consultation with our BAHRS registered surgeon, Dr. Ted Miln is one of the first steps in your hair transplant journey.

Stifyn Parri Hair Transplant Results

The Journey of a hair transplant: Stifyn Parri

The hair transplant journey can be one of many emotions, from the day you enquire to the day you have surgery and beyond. The mixed feelings can be a rollercoaster, and confusing to deal with. Follow Stifyn Parri's journey from hair loss to hair surgery, his results, and how he felt about the process at HQ.

Hair Transplant Recovery

What hair problem do you have?

With hair loss, it’s important to distinguish which problem you have. If your problem is numbers, the only way to increase density is to physically put more hairs in your head. If you have a calibre problem, often the treatment best is to give medication.

Are you ready to start your hair growth journey?

Are you ready to learn about how we can restore your confidence with a natural head of healthy hair? Take two seconds to fill in our form. We will be in touch, to answer any questions you might have and to book you in for a free consultation.

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