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23rd November 2020

Hairlines for Trans Women

Trans women are people who were assigned a male gender at birth, but identify more naturally as a female. There are many stages to go through during gender transition from male to female, and one of the most easily achieved stages is redefining the hairline to give a softer and more natural look.

There are various differences between male and female hairlines. This is important to understand when thinking of female feminisation, in order to achieve the most natural look for the trans woman and give them the desired result.

The male hairline tends to flow in an ‘m’ shape, with receded temples. The female hairline tends to be more oval and softer to create a more feminine shape. A hair transplant takes hairs from the back of your head, known as the donor area, and places them in the temporal region to replicate the oval shape of the female hairline.

Our patient Francesca Martin, who is a trans woman, has achieved an incredible result with her hair transplant. After researching and contacting various UK clinics, she decided on HQ because of the respect and understanding that she was treated with and declared HQ a ‘safe place for trans people’.

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Amazing review for life changing results

"After months of research, including some unpleasant and unprofessional consultations with other hair transplant facilities that promised the earth for little money (with some hair on top), I contacted Head Quarters Hair Transplants in Cardiff. I soon realised that my choice of having the procedure with them was a great decision.

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