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31st May 2024

HQ Cardiff just received its 100th 5 star review on Trustpilot

Here’s what people have been saying about us…

Phil M

“Head Quarters Game changers!
I cannot recommend Head Quarters highly enough. I’ve just had my 12 month review and the results were far better than I could have hoped for, the best decision I’ve made for many years!

When I first enquired, I had a video consultation that answered many of my questions. I felt this was not a pushy sales pitch, but an honest consultation and enough for me to visit a couple of months later to have a face to face with the team. This gave me the confidence to go ahead and book a date!! I was concerned slightly about the immediate look after the surgery and how it would look going back to work. I was fortunate to have a week off after work, which was enough time for my head to look very presentable. A top tip if I was to consider it again, I’d have a crop cut a few weeks prior to allow my colleagues to get used to me with short hair.

On the day of surgery, I had the normal apprehensions of what I was about to undertake. The team were amazing and put my fears at rest. Head shaved, hair line drawn in black pen, I was good to go.

The procedure itself, after numbing my head was totally fine. To do this, there were a few scratches with anaesthetic, but totally nothing to worry about. I don’t like needles, but it was the smallest diameter used and after a minute or so, my head started to be suitably numb. TV screen in front, box set ready, I sat back and relaxed and let the team do their stuff. I had many interesting conversations in between chilling and all in all, something I should not have been worried about. We had a short break at half time, where I loaded up on sugary things provided by the team and I was ready for the final push, creating my new hair line. We all have different pain thresholds, but for me, I would put it at 2 or even a 1. Certainly after seeing the results, I mild bit of discomfort was certainly well worth it. The team were incredibly professional and I was put at ease by their manner and continual checking I was okay.

The first couple of days after were a little uncomfortable, but no more than that. Sleeping slightly upright and on my back, was strange, but you just get on with it. I went back after a week for the first wash, to prepare me for work, all seemed to be going well. Like many people, I was looking very closely and seeing if there was anything that didn’t look right, I should not have worried, I went through all the stages as briefed, initial elation that I had hair again, to this naturally dropping out and wondering if it would return. I checked in with the clinic regularly, the team were great and looked after me really well.

12 months on, I cannot overstate just what a transformation I have had. I look back at Facebook timeline posts and can’t believe that was me before. I can only go on my results, but the team have worked a miracle with me. I now have skin fades every few weeks and my barber, who cuts a few guys who have had transplants, says that he cannot tell I have had it done. I did consider going to Turkey a few years ago, but am so glad that I did my research and made sure I didn’t leave anything to chance. I don’t normally leave reviews, but I am just so chuffed by the results, I thought it important to give credit where it is due. I also thought it important to let other guys who have sort of accepted that going bald is a forgone conclusion, it is not. I feel much more confident, take better care of myself and generally happier as a result of how I now look.

Finally, I just want to say to the whole team, thank you so much for taking good care of me and achieving a result that far surpassed my expectations.”


Ieuan Mainwaring

“My experience has been top notch with HQ, right from the initial consultation with Richard, through to now when I’m just over a week post hair transplant.

I made contact initially in November, before then coming in to see Dr Matt in clinic mid December and after speaking with him about what I was hoping for, I then booked my FUE Hair Transplant for 23rd February.

On the day of the procedure of course it’s a mixed bag of feelings excited, nervous, but at every step of the day the staff were all amazingly helpful, reassuring and checking if I needed anything.

The injections weren’t anywhere near as bad as I was expecting, at no point would I say that I was in pain. You even get to spend two thirds of your day watching Netflix whilst being worked on!

I had Dr Matt and 6 wonderful technicians working on me for the day, forgive me I can’t remember all the names! 🤦🏼‍♂️ but Meg, Liv, Kate, Luciana, worked on me until just before 6pm so a long old day for them too. They were all chatty, checking if I was okay throughout the day. As well as playing music to make you comfortable!

As my transplant was on a Friday and the clinic isn’t open Saturday they normally would wait until Monday to come in for my first hair wash, however I don’t live local and had to go home the Saturday, so Luciana came in work especially on the Saturday morning even though the clinic is normally closed to do my first hair wash, which was very kind of her.

The recovery hasn’t been bad at all! I was a little uncomfortable the first night and didn’t get much sleep in the hotel, but since then I’ve been real happy with how the recovery has been, how I’ve managed to sleep etc especially after getting over the itching phase days 3/4.

I had my second hair wash yesterday morning with Mel to remove the scabs and now I just have a slight bit of redness on my scalp and can’t wait to see the results over the coming months!

Anyone who is considering a hair transplant… HQ in Cardiff has definitely got my backing for a recommendation!”


Alan B

“If you want an outstanding outcome, go to the best.
After months of research, including some unpleasant and unprofessional consultations with other hair transplant facilities who promised the earth for little money (with some hair on top), I contacted Head Quarters Hair Transplants in Cardiff. I soon realised that my choice of having the procedure with them was a great decision.

Although there are numerous places you can have a hair transplant, I could have spent less money by travelling abroad, but following a full day of surgery, I did not want to spend hours travelling or go through a long flight post op.’

There are significant advantages to choosing skilled surgeons who are honest with what they can and cannot do. Yes, you need to manage your expectations, but you must also have confidence in the skills of your hair transplant surgeon and the team that support them. It was clear to me that Head Quarters Hair Transplants incredible team take pride in their work and can provide the backup, aftercare and support you will need. This makes a significant difference. With Head Quarters Hair Transplants, I was cared for and valued.

Choosing to have any cosmetic procedure is a big decision. I started losing my hair when I was in my mid-20’s. When I had my transplant, I was 56. That is way too many years with the constant feeling of embarrassment and the feeling of an inability to do something about it, other than to collect baseball caps in an attempt to hide a balding crown and fading hairline and tolerate ridicule from others. Never tell someone they are losing their hair – they already know.

Having a hair transplant is a huge commitment, not only financially, but in time. Was it worth it? Yes, absolutely. It was worth every moment and every penny. My remarkably successful FUE hair transplant was the impetus for me to change so much else. For the first time in over 30 years, not only do I have a full head of hair, but my self-confidence has also returned. I am happier, 7 stone or 44Kg lighter and physically fitter than I have ever been. It started with the decision to choose Head Quarters Hair Transplants to fix my vacant Crown and receding hairline.

Head Quarters Hair Transplants have and continue to be amazing. From the first video consultation and then to meeting my surgeon specialist, Dr Matt Egan and throughout the past year of aftercare, each member of that team has been superb. I do not say this flippantly, it has changed my life, outlook, confidence, and wellbeing. Together, we have changed my life for the better. For some people losing your hair is not important and I completely understand that, but to me and for so long it was a daily focus. If something is important to you, do something about it. Make the time to do it and if you do not have the time to do it, don’t do something that is less important.

If you are considering a hair transplant, the specialists at Head Quarters Hair Transplants will, in my opinion and experience, be honest with you. Through their outstanding aftercare, you will be treated with kindness, dignity, and respect. Because of their skills, knowledge, professionalism, care, support, and guidance, together with passion and dedication they will actively contribute towards the best possible outcomes with you.

To my friends at Head Quarters, in particular, Dr Matt Egan, Xavier, Kate, Chelsea, Jordan, Liv, Meg and the wonderful team including Lucy, Mel, Val, Dayane, Lindsay, Richard and everyone who has contributed to and supported me over this past year, thank you for the best life changing experience. The whole team at Head Quarters in Cardiff are astoundingly brilliant. If you want an outstanding outcome, go to the best. In my personal experience there is one choice: Head Quarters Hair Transplants in Cardiff. I am proud to highly recommend them to you.”


Philip Owen

“Fantastic results from a fantastic team

A lot of time spent answering all my queries, excellent pre surgery support.
The team on the day were calm, efficient and nothing was too much trouble.
After care was also helpful.
All in all an excellent experience.
More expensive that Turkey, but you get what you pay for .
From a very bald 50ish male to a full head of hair is transforming.”



“If you are hesitating then just go for it.

I really cannot fault this clinic. From day 1 they were extremely clear, concise, friendly and helpful.

I was extremely nervous about all manner of things and they worked with me and reassured me.

I am not 1 year on and the results are great. It really is lifechanging.

Yes you can get it cheaper abroad but these guys have kept in touch and looked after me at every step.”


Luke Swain

“I’ve got my confidence back

Everything from the initial consultation, the day of procedure, the post-transplant checkups, to the final result have been nothing but of the highest standard.

My confidence is back. People are complimenting how I look again.

But most importantly, I feel great about myself and who I am. This has literally the best investment I’ve ever made. Invest in yourself, because it pays off.”



“I would like to say a big thank you to HQ for doing a fantastic job. It has been 12 months since the procedure (FUE with 2,200 grafts) and the result is amazing.

Everything, at each stage, went exactly as they said.

I felt apprehensive in the days leading up to the procedure but was instantly relaxed as soon as I arrived on the day. There was no pain during and after procedure. During the procedure it was very relaxing where you could listen to music and watch Netflix. In addition, they supplied lunch plus other opportunities to have short breaks. The care during and after the procedure was excellent. Richard was great in all appointments ( very knowledgeable). Lindsey ( clinic manager) was very supportive and friendly. During the day Xavier kept popping in to check everything was ok.

I would 100% recommend HQ. Really professional team and I certainly would recommend to go nowhere else. They really do produce excellent results. Thank you all at HQ for not only restoring my hair, but also my confidence. I can’t wait to see the final results next year. All the best and lots of love.”


Liam Taylor

“If I could award six stars I would. An absolutely amazing process from start to finish , from the zoom call I had make me feel very welcome and reassuring to booking a face-to-face appointment with the doctor show me how my hairline will look after the procedure. Thank you so much for this you’ve made me one happy man.”


Dale Jones

“Just got in from my second and final head wash and need to take a few minutes to reward the team at headquarters a full five stars for their work. From meeting Xavier via FaceTime all them weeks ago to walking out for the final time today the whole experience has been world class. My surgeon for the day was Dr Matt Egan. A very professional guy with a serious eye for detail…and that shines through in his work. Thank you everybody there, you are sensational.”

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"After months of research, including some unpleasant and unprofessional consultations with other hair transplant facilities that promised the earth for little money (with some hair on top), I contacted Head Quarters Hair Transplants in Cardiff. I soon realised that my choice of having the procedure with them was a great decision.

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