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5th July 2020

Why HQ Headquarters is a better option than a Turkish clinic – Andre’s Story

If you are considering a hair restoration procedure, you will no doubt have a lot of questions about the clinic, the surgeon, the treatment and the aftercare that you will receive during your transplant.  One of the considerations that you are likely to be thinking about is the cost, and whether there are cheaper alternatives.  Here at HQ Headquarters, we may not offer the cheapest procedure around, but we are confident that we are one of the leading clinics in terms of our consultations, our procedure and our aftercare.

We recently had an enquiry from Andre, who had undergone a hair transplant in Turkey.  He had done his research and felt confident that it was the best place for him.  However, the experience he had was not what he was expecting at all.

One of the initial problems he faced was the language barrier – while he had a translator for the consultation, she was not able to go into the treatment studio with him, meaning that when he was having his procedure, he was not able to communicate effectively with his surgeon or technical team.  At HQ Headquarters, we explain what we are doing every step of the way, talking you through the procedure to put you at ease, and making sure you are happy and comfortable with everything that we do, you can tell us if you are uncomfortable, need a bathroom break or have any questions.

Andre felt that his procedure in Turkey was rushed, especially when harvesting the donor hair ready for transplant.  While in Turkey, the local anaesthetic didn’t properly take effect, so the team had to harvest the hair more quickly than they had scheduled for.  At HQ, Andre said that he felt relaxed, and that the team were taking their time over his procedure.  He didn’t feel like anything was rushed or that anything was too much trouble and overall it was a much more positive experience than he had had in Turkey.

Following the procedure, Andre realised that the hair transplant in Turkey hadn’t got any symmetry to it.  The one side of his hairline was higher than the other, and all of the transplanted hair was in rows with noticeable gaps, so it didn’t look natural.  When Andre came to HQ Headquarters, he explained to our consultants what he was looking for, and a treatment plan was created to give Andre the natural restored hairline.

Our consultants assessed Andre’s hairline and Turkish procedure and concluded that they needed to add to his current hairline to balance it out and smooth the sides to give it a more natural look.  The hairline was filled out slightly to give it a more natural appearance.

Andre said “I was going abroad to try to find a cheaper alternative, I can guarantee you now is not always the best option…and if I had known about HQ beforehand, especially that they do payment plans and payment options I would have come here first…its absolutely amazing!”

We corrected Andre’s procedure and have given him the confidence that he was looking for in his hair restoration.  As well as the benefits of the professional attitude at HQ, and the natural hairline that he now has following the corrective procedure.  He also commented that the procedure was far less painful, both during and afterwards, and the scarring from the HQ transplant was far less apparent.

We are looking forward to continuing to check on Andres’ progress, and are very pleased that we have been able to correct the procedure that he had in Turkey.

Where we do have a higher cost to our restorative procedures than going abroad, we are confident that we offer a more professional transplant, with Harley Street qualified surgeons and state of the art equipment and procedures that offer you a second to none experience.  Our surgeons are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and we are regulated by the Healthcare Inpectorate Wales (HIW) and offer a number of different payment options that can make your treatment more affordable, and where we are happy to correct any procedures that have gone wrong with other clinics, we would prefer that you don’t have to go to the expense of a paying twice, and the discomfort of a procedure that was not as you expected by coming to us in the first place!

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