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Take the First Steps

Taking the First Steps in Transforming Your Hair

Are you experiencing hair loss? If you are your very first step should be to consult a doctor to ensure that it's not a sign of any underlying medical conditions. If it is down to general male hair loss read on as you should find this article helpful in transforming your hair!

Harley Street Joins Charles Street

Harley Street is the name synonymous with the upper echelons of the aesthetic medical world. It has an unprecedented quality of hair transplant surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and aesthetic practitioners.

PRP Injections: What is PRP Therapy and How Does it Work?

PRP Injections: What is PRP Therapy and How Does it Work?

Patients often ask us questions like “What does PRP stand for”, “What is PRP treatment”, or even “What is platelet-rich plasma treatment?”. This is perhaps unsurprising due to the sudden popularity of the treatment for aiding hair transplants, and as such we have decided to bring you this complete guide to PRP injections in order to explain exactly how the process works.

How hair restoration works

Which Is The Best Hair Transplant For You?

in this article we break down your hair transplant options to help you make an educated decision on which hair transplant option is right for you.

An Interview with Xavier Rush

An Interview with Xavier Rush

Head Quarters Hair Transplant Clinic is a purpose built FUE hair transplant clinic. FUE is the gold standard of hair transplants. We are based on Charles Street in the middle of Cardiff city’s center...

The cause of Male hair loss

The Cause of Male Hair Loss

Finding your hair is beginning to fall out can be anxiety-provoking. The majority of the time, it’s nothing to worry about - but if it starts coming out in significant amounts, you may have cause for concern...

What to expect at your first hair transplant consultation

What To Expect At Your First Hair Transplant Consultation

The idea of a hair transplant can sometimes sound quite intimidating and off putting. However it is a very simple procedure, and should not cause any worries...

Are you ready to start your hair growth journey?

Are you ready to learn about how we can restore your confidence with a natural head of healthy hair? Take two seconds to fill in our form. Nell our clinic manager will be in touch, to answer any questions you might have and to book you in for a free consultation.

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