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Our Surgeons

Dr. Matt Egan

Dr. Matt Egan

Dr Matt Egan is a resident hair transplant surgeon at HeadQuarters Hair Transplants, and is experienced in both Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Linear Strip Excision (FUT) hair transplant procedures. Dr Matt graduated from Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2014, and has since worked in multiple hospitals throughout London and the East of England. He has worked in a range of specialities including Ear Nose and Throat Surgery, General Surgery, Intensive Care and Emergency medicine. Dr Matt completed his training in Hair Restoration Surgery in 2017 and joined the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery as an associate member. Since then he has worked in a number of clinics across the UK including on the prestigious Harley Street in London. He is committed to enhancing his knowledge of hair restoration and regularly engages with the International Society’s medical education program, and has travelled abroad for their annual conference. Originally from Swansea, Dr Matt was keen to practice in Wales and in 2021 he moved exclusively into hair restoration surgery at HeadQuarters Hair Transplants. Dr Matt’s ethical approach to hair transplant surgery, attention to detail, and commitment to a high level of patient care has led to demand of his work by numerous clinics throughout the UK. Dr Matt is fully registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) with a licence to practice, and is an associate member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. GMC: 7461688

Dr Ted Miln

Dr. Ted Miln

Dr Edward Miln, fondly referred to as Dr Ted, is our Medical Director and leading Hair Transplant Surgeon at Head Quarters Hair Transplants. Born in St Asaph in Wales and now living in Cardiff, Dr Ted specialises in Hair Restoration and has worked on Harley Street alongside one of the founding fathers of Hair Transplantation in the UK. Dr Ted is highly motivated and strives to be at the forefront of medical innovation and excellence. Dr Ted graduated with a medical degree from The University of Bristol and has since worked in Cardiff in trauma and orthopaedic surgery, general surgery, liver surgery, colorectal surgery, as well as cardiology, general medicine, geriatrics and psychiatry. Before specialising as a Hair Transplant surgeon and operating at prestigious Harley Street clinics. He is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and is fully registered with the General Medical Council with a licence to practice. Dr Ted has attended International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery conferences and educational events around the world including Los Angeles and Prague recently. Dr Ted is actively involved with The British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery where he is listed as an affiliate member. Dr Ted has travelled to many hair transplant clinics around the UK and Europe to broaden his experience and take the best concepts from each. His reputation for quality and professionalism has led to his work being in demand from clinics all across the UK. Dr Ted has joined us from operating on Harley Street and is the Resident Hair Transplant Surgeon at Head Quarters Clinic. “The fact that our resident hair transplant surgeon resides in Wales means that patients can have continuity of care and aftercare. Lots of the competitor clinics have many surgeons aligned with them but not employed and it’s about who is available on the day. I didn’t want to go down this route; I wanted someone I trust who cares as much about this clinic as I do. He’s very meticulous and has an artistic hand coupled with an exceptional rate of productivity; these are the skills that you want in a specialist hair transplant surgeon.” Xavier Rush, Head Quarters Clinic Group owner. Dr Ted embraces the philosophy of treating the whole patient and likes to take his time to carefully understand his patients and how their hair loss affects them. Dr Ted has extensive knowledge of all efficacious treatments available for hair loss and believes in working closely with his patients to find the correct treatment or combination that works for them specifically. Unlike many hair surgeons whose skills are limited to a single technique, Dr Ted is skilled in both FUE and FUT strip methods of hair transplantation.

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