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About HQ Hair Transplants

HQ Hair Transplant Clinic offers hair transplants for people of all ages suffering from baldness or hair loss.

Head Quarters is a modern custom-built hair transplant clinic in Cardiff’s vibrant City Centre. Head Quarters also delivers consultancy services in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and London. Our resident surgeons perform hair transplants to men with male pattern balding and other forms of hair loss. Assisting them to restore their confidence and self-esteem, by regaining a fuller head of hair that looks natural and helps them to look and feel happier and more youthful.

Restore your confidence with a Head Quarters Hair Transplant

Why choose Head Quarters?

At Head Quarters we strive to deliver the balance between maximum density and the most natural looking results. We work with top quality hair transplant surgeons and use the latest technologies and equipment to achieve and sustain medical excellence. Ultimately, we genuinely care about your results.

Artistry meets medical excellence

Head Quarter’s team of hair loss specialists possess a technical finesse, combined with a desire to give patients the results they want that look as natural as possible. We are dedicated to researching the latest evidence-based technologies in hair restoration.

“I take great care and pride in creating natural-looking results. This is achieved by only using finer single hair grafts on the hairline and making the pattern of the hair irregularly irregular which mimics nature. The multi-hair follicular unit grafts are placed behind the singles to create density. There is far more artistry that goes into creating a natural-looking hair transplant than people realise. When I make the recipient sites, I pay great attention to the depth, angle, direction, density, and geometry so that the implanted follicles grow hair in the most natural way possible.” Dr Ted

Optimised extraction for maximum density

Optimised extraction is a priority for Head Quarters clinic as we always strive to create your maximum density. However a balance must be reached between density and respecting the donor area. Head Quarters is proud to utilise the latest extraction device: the WAW devoir system. This contemporary technology is proven to provide high quality hair grafts. This reduces technical limitations and allows our team to help you achieve a fuller head of hair.

Honest consulting

Your happiness means everything to us at Head Quarters Hair Transplants Clinic. This is why we ask you to discuss your expectations. If we don’t feel we can offer a result that you’ll feel happy with, we will be truthful, clear and honest with you. We consider each case carefully, because every hair transplant is unique. That’s because everyone’s hair loss is unique, everyone’s donor site is different; every person’s expectation is their own; and every regrowth experience is personal. Hair Transplants are as unique as the individual, which is why we tailor a plan according to your requirements.

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Start your Hair Growth Journey with HQ


Clinic Group owner Xavier Rush knows exactly what it’s like to walk into a hair treatment clinic for the first time and experience that fear of talking to a stranger about how hair loss is affecting your confidence.

“There shouldn’t be any stigma around men being concerned about their appearance or wanting a hair transplant to help improve their confidence – if an ex-All Black rugby player can do it, so can you.”

Patient confidentiality is paramount. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands at Head Quarters Hair Transplants. Everything that’s discussed at your consultation is private between you and our experienced team.

Working with the best

Our expert team at Head Quarters includes resident hair transplant surgeon(s) from Harley Street, whose names are synonymous with quality. Our clinic manager, and team of hair loss experts are passionate about delivering what we consider to be the platinum standard of hair transplants, patient experience and aftercare. The fact we have a resident team here ensures that our patients can have confidence and continuity of care.

We have worked closely with the Health Inspectorate Wales and General Medical Council to ensure we meet the highest standards for our patients. Head Quarters is a modern stylish clinic, which is Wales’ first purpose built Hair Transplant clinic.

Restore your confidence with a Head Quarters Hair Transplant

One of our core aims at Head Quarters is to make hair transplant clinics more accessible and attainable. Hair loss is something that affects the lives and confidence of people the world over. By 35, two-thirds of men will have some degree of appreciable hair loss and by 50 approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. We want to restore men’s confidence by restoring their hair.

The HQ Hair Transformation Process

Our expertly curated surgical process helps manage expectations and supports you throughout your hair regrowth journey.

Free Initial Consultation

We offer a complimentary consultation for all men over 21 years old that are interested in a Head Quarters Hair Transplant. With a choice of a Live Video consultation or meeting an expert face-to-face, you can discuss your ideal outcome with us and learn more about the results we can achieve in a way that is convenient for you. Our experts will review your hair loss so far, the strength of your donor area and see how a HQ hair transplant could help you. We are always honest about the results we will achieve and will make it clear if we believe another procedure or clinic would be better for you. We never take on any cases if there is a chance we will not be able to get the patient the best possible results. Head Quarters Hair Transplants is built on quality, not quantity.


HQ Hair transplants are carried out by experienced surgeons. Natural hair lines will be honoured as Head Quarters philosophy is based on the most natural looking results and aims for the most optimum density. Density is dependant on many factors, strength, and quality of donor area and amount of grafts possible and space left around the grafts for oxygen. Our Hair Transplants are a one-day or sometimes two-day procedure depending on the patients' needs. If you require a private driver to and from the clinic this can be arranged for all patients on request.

Recovery Period

The timeframe between surgery and reliable new hair growth can be typically two to three months. Follicles will at first begin to grow at different times and different speeds, but most patients are able to reach full, natural hair growth within 10-12 months. Take a look at our aftercare page to learn more about the recovery period and the steps we take to make it as easy for you as possible.

Regular Check Ups

Waiting for your hair to regrow can be a worrying stage. Many clinics leave you alone at this stage with little but a leaflet to address your concerns. We believe for many patients this is the stage where they require the most help and guidance. HQ Hair Transplants sets the platinum standard of aftercare and our specialists are always happy to answer your concerns and give you any information you may need. Our aftercare programme also offers regular check-ups with our experts and doctors to make sure you are healing as well as possible.

Meet the Team

We have headhunted hair transplant professionals in order to give you the best possible results. Here are just a few of the experts that you will meet along your Hair Transplant Journey at Head Quarters.

Are you ready to start your hair growth journey?

Are you ready to learn about how we can restore your confidence with a natural head of healthy hair? Take two seconds to fill in our form. We will be in touch, to answer any questions you might have and to book you in for a free consultation.

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